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We can discover data around you:


• What are the critical business data


• Do you have right data metrics


• Top 10 defective records you need to resolve


• Whether data governance succeeds


• Data management performance


Or we can coach you do it by yourself



Data analysis

from social networks


• Customers segmentation


• Predictive analytics


• Sentiment analysis


• Predict customer behavior



Hadoop-based analysis provides the ability to:


• Find the events in the client streams, identify needed reaction


• Propose a product to a client, based on his interests

Business Challenge


Knowing the actual customer reaction to products is essential for business growth, but it’s difficult to get valuable insights. Social media is the place where customer really share their opinion 

Classic Data Warehouse


• Requirements gathering


• Data modeling


• ETL development


• Reports design


• End-to-end delivery

Case Studies…


Data flow management

Business Challenge


• Sync up data between elements of company IT landscape


• Have up to date information in a proper places


• Prevent any latency within business processes



EasyMorph -based solution provides the ability to:


• Transform data visually


• 30+ transformations for any needs


• Able to use most common data formats


• Fast start & easy maintenance


• Affordable pricing

Data Consolidation

Business Challenge


• Easy and clear consolidation rules


• Fast access to details


• Understanding reporting data


• Forecasting and modeling



EasyMorph + Tableau / QlikView / Excel:


• Rapid data profiling and prototyping


• Behavioral analysis


• What-if analysis


• Data reconciliation


• Integration with Tableau & QlikView